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an imaginative creature that brings real booze. anytime you end up with alcohol that came from an unknown source, it was this guy.
question: "Where did this keg come from?"
reply: "must've been the beer fairy"
by julielovesthed August 05, 2005
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The beer fairy is a mysterious creature that does its work only at night, usually after a party has taken place. This creature, comes into your apartment (or other party facility) and glues all of ur cups to the counter and tables. The beer fairy then fills many beer cans back up half way. Sometimes the fairy even goes as far as to take things and punch holes in walls. This is reason why so many people find their dwellings in these conditions the morning after a party.
Damn! The beer fairy has struck again. All these pong cups are stuck to the counter!

Who punched all these holes in our walls and broke all our knuckles? The beer fairy did. The beer fairy loves 108.
by choche March 12, 2005
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Some one who leaves a cooler of beer on your front porch.

If you have been visited by the beer fairies you will receive a gift of beer out of the blue.
Before you enjoy this gift you must agree to 2 simple rules.

1, you must stop, relax, take a break and enjoy this gift right away.

2, you must restock the beer fairy cooler and become a beer fairy by delivering it to another deserving friend!
If you are unable to follow these rules do not open the cooler.
Instead call the beer fairy hotline (provided on cooler) and the gift will be picked up and shared with another thirsty soul.
OMG! who left a cooler of beer on our porch? Must have been the Beer fairies! beer fairy
by brown bear45 May 29, 2011
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me, dressed in wings, tutu and wand, a Schlitz tall boy in one hand ready to scour the masses...striking drunkards with my stealth wand (we'll leave that at that!) Encouraging drunks abound to hit on every hot chick or male to be found, to be given the approval to utter your slurred slobbering words, and yes, to puke on your best friends' sofa...
beer fairy loves a schlitz golden, ummm
by bosch_sage October 31, 2007
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Like most dorm mates or people who live accross the hall in an appartment complex, these lucky individuals drink themselves into a state where they mentally and physically become gay. They will hump everyday friends, maliciously. Straight by day, gay by beer. Around these people watch your brews and your cornholes.
Oh for shits sake, Cowboy's humping Kevin again.
by the captain March 12, 2005
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A small beer loving fairy that scorers your home to find the cracks, so that after a party or a night of drinking it can sneak in with its fairy bar buddy's and steal your beer while you sleep it off.
(Richard)-"Char did you drink all my beer?"
(Charlene)-"No it wasn't me, the beer fairy did it!"
by Svt011482 August 10, 2006
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The beer fairy is a magical creature who leaves alcohol in your fridge for you to find the morning after a party. This alcohol is usually completely random and typically half empty.

The beer fairy frequents Greek housing, especially after rush.

Whatever the beer fairy leaves automatically becomes custody of the tenant. Guests from the night before are never allowed to claim the beer fairy's gifts, unless you are having a whiskey breakfast
That party was awesome last night, and the beer fairy left three beers and some vodka in the freezer!
by maggielvr970 September 30, 2012
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