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A personal look and style that only happens when you first wake up in the morning until you decide to leave your home. Also, the lowest effort makeup and hair application when you are 'slumming' it for the day. The bedhead beauty's catch praise is 'I woke up like this.' Bedhead hair has seen the run way many times, but was not translated into a makeup routine until recently. Men perceive this style as 'natural' and 'no makeup,' women translate it as 'minimal makeup.'

Originally coined by Chaudie on her blog "Glided Leggings," when referring to Emma Watson and her makeup kit posted by MTV
Although my style tastes are different, I want that type of beauty when i wake up in the morning. That's right, Emma Watson is my standard for 'bedhead beauty.'
by Gilded Leggings March 30, 2014
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