Something or someone that is so visually appealing that your mind goes numb and you can't stop looking.
Tori Sander is the definition of beauty.
by spock13 September 02, 2010
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Being pretty means looking good. Being cute means acting well. Beauty is a perfect blend of being pretty, cute, confident, and having just a little love to spare. Very few people actually think that they're beautiful, but they need to understand that they are. And not just in their "own way" They are beautiful in every way. You don't need to be the definition of perfect. You might be skinny, you might not. You might have perfect stick straight hair, you might not. It doesn't matter.
Her beauty was never clear to her.
by sweetheartsign July 09, 2013
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Something that most girls don't think they have, so they feel bad about themselves.
girl #1: beauty is one thing I don't have.
girl #2: same...
by CrazyUnicorn May 06, 2015
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Is a word of description, it describes the beautifulness of a person or of a place. It is the feeling that you feel about being some where or with someone. A thing of beauty is a rarity and should forever be cherished.
by Trefry August 18, 2013
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Reagen is Beauty she is a person you will always love and trust and she will do the same love her forever and she will do the same but be your friend and be there by your side always and will
by Redman77 November 25, 2018
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Mom, someone who cares, who lives not for themselves but for others, doesn’t matter how they look.
Anyone who doesn’t agree, they have to be wrong
You are beautiful

You have beauty in every crack and bruise, every pound and birthmark
No matter what color you are skin, hair, eyes, etc. No matter what you look like you have beauty.
Every name may make you think otherwise but don’t listen to those. Yes words hurt more than broken bones but like broken bones you can heal.
You’ve only always been amazing
You are an inspiration
Brush past the arsenal of names
Every person has beauty.
You have beauty, everyone else is wrong.
If you fall you can get back up and it only hurts for a little bit.
by Monet1123 February 19, 2019
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