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Police Terminology: A female beat partner. The woman you spend most of your time with at work on "the beat." Much like an office wife. A beat wife will watch out for you, and will help you out when you need it. Additionally, a beat wife can be expected to share good gossip about other officers with you.

It's common for a beat wife to be jealous when you talk to others of the opposite sex who also work with you, but the term does NOT describe the subject of a physical relationship.

A beat wife relates to you well, often enough to substitue your "off duty" relationship while you're at work.
My beat wife and I went and met up downtown one night when there were no calls holding, and we ended up stopping about 12 different transients, 3 of which had warrants. It was a good night.

I left my gear in the squad car last night, but luckily my beat wife is working today, and we share a car.
by Bitchin Kitchen March 12, 2007
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