on november 29 you can beat a furry without any consequences
i mean you already can beat a furry but they will probably retaliate.
today is beat a furry day.
by hablind November 30, 2022
Beat A Furry Day is a day on the 27th November in which you can Beat any furry and they CAN NOT fight back.
A: Hey it's 27th of November! You know what that means?
B: Grab me a bat, it's beat a furry day.
by A very Random_User January 25, 2023
a day when you can try to punch a Furry
the 27 of november or 4 of may
by best nashe May 3, 2022
On September 21st, you will be able to beat up as many furries as possible and they CANNOT fight back, no matter what.
Hey Jack, let's go beat up some furries today since it's beat a furry day #4!
by Viper85 November 24, 2022
Same Thing As The Other Beat A Furry Day but more brutal.

Good Luck Soldiers btw it starts in March 27th
Poggers Its Beat A Furry Day 2.0!!!!!!!!!!!!
by EvilMcQueen267 November 27, 2022
National beat a furry day is a day where all non-furries can beat furries and be unhurt by them. November 27t is a day where people that are not furries can beat furries, and the furries can't fight back!
"National Beat a furry day is coming soon! I must prepare..."
by Elon musk's Daddy January 26, 2023