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-The new "scene".

Bear kids are usually very calm and relaxed.
They derive from a small town in Morris County, New Jersey and love to eat. They're very beautiful, genuine people and they're almost ALWAYS having the best time.

Bear kids can be spotted all over-you just have to have the right eye for them.

Bear kids:
have natural beauty
are always with friends
love to laugh
love life
always do "the pose"
refer to themselves as bear... a lot
have a unique/different style
don't put out
are camera whores
can be spiritual and mystical-but not in a weird way

Lets not leave out the bear poses:

One way to tell a bear kid from any other are thier very distinct poses. Sometimes you will see a bear kid walking around doing the "dinosaur arm". The dinosaur arm only requires one arm and is very simple to do.

The elbow should be pointing downward and the rest of the arm facing up-so its like a "V" an the hand should just be resting.

They do the dinosaur arm because if a camera comes flying by and takes a picture of them, they want to be ready to do thier pose.

Thier camera pose:
Very easy.

The rested hand goes straight up-palms facing forward right next to thier face with thier fingers extended.
-Most of the time they look at thier hand too.
1. "OH EM GE! did you see those bear kids?"

2. "*GASP*!!! holy crap a whole flock of bear kids just walked by!!!"
by Just Nicole August 18, 2006
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