Beaner penis, better known as “Guacamole nigga penis
by zman22366 February 11, 2022
Beani is a extremely sweet and cool and nice person
“She just watched k-drama for 5 days straight” This is a certified beani moment
by OwOtheUwU May 29, 2022
An enlarged clitoris that extends beyond the outer flaps of the vaginal entrance labia, located below the fup (fat upper pussy).
Your beanis is larger than my penis.

by p33j October 3, 2018
The words bean and penis put together; used to describe how someone is looking
by tiKate January 22, 2017
A beanis is what you can call a mexican/spanish penis, its misshapen and curved but not in a good way, and it looks like a redish kidney bean. Its the penis of a beaner, hence the name BEANIS.
(Guys are arguing over sumthing)

"Dude, stfu u godam Guido! i aint your fucking mother, clean ur own shit up!"

"well fuck u! at least i dont got a disgusting beanis!"
by Scooter the retarted beanis March 23, 2010
Baddie Beanie

The definition of Regina Hernandez Gomez, an amazing beautiful friend. She is kind and has a dog named Vin Vin. People say Baddie Beanies older sister Bestie Elisa is hot.
“Hey have you met that yummylicious babygworl?” “Oh are you talking about baddie beanie?” “YEAAHHHHH”
by materialgworl25 November 25, 2021