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A rising meme on Youtube where a video that usually results in a fail is interrupted by a clip that plays at the end of every Battlefield 3 trailer depicting a soldier walking towards the viewer while a battle is going on behind him. The trailer is accompanied by a loud, audible theme and ends abruptly as the soldier stops, ending the exit clip. Usually it’s about a 15-25 second video where it shows a humorous or shocking event, there are around 100 of these videos. Its similiar to the memes "guile's theme goes with anything" and the "WTF Bomb".
"Battlefield 3 trailer that goes with anything" example:
**Watches Youtube video titled "Battlefield 3 goes with anything even-Wii"
**Person accidently throws a Wii Remote at their 60 inch TV**
**Ends with a soldier walking toward the screen and hears BBBBPPPPP BPPPP**
by Al-the-Youtube-Guy November 12, 2011
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