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a bisexual who calls out biphobia, and believes bi = pan
eric: I'm a battle-axe bisexual
jessie: what's that mean?
eric: it means I believe pansexuality contributes to biphobia and transphobia
by warmchaii April 23, 2020
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A Battle-Axe Bisexual (often shortened to Bab) is someone regardless of sexual orientation who believes every multiple sex attracted person is bisexual. They will often post shit saying that pansexuals, omnisexuals and polysexuals are biphobic, and use derogetary language against them despite claiming the words they use aren't slurs.

While some bisexuals chose to label themselves as such even if they more closely follow a definition of the above, the labels are not inheritedly biphobic and it varies from person to person. However, BaBs will still claim otheriwse and denounce these sexualities as nothing but slander.

If you're pan/omni/poly, you're still valid and not all bis are like this.
BaB: Hey, just to let you know that if you like more than two genders you're bisexual and saying otherwise is biphobic.
Sam: Hey, not cool. My friend is polyse...
BaB: Biphobia~
Sam: Yeah no, I don't really want your battle-axe bisexual bullshit today. Maybe on February 30th?
by Pankaces199 September 14, 2020
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battleaxe bisexuals (BaBs) are a (typically) exclusionist group of bisexual identifying people who believe that pansexuality, omnisexuality and polysexuality contribute to biphobia. some of these people typically are asexual/aromantic exclusionist, transmed, genderfluid exclusionist, and/or hate on anyone that is in the LGBTIAQ+ community that isnt specifically any of the following (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans), as they believe that the LGBTIAQ+ community is specifically for those groups of people. some of these people also threaten and harass pansexual/omnisexual/polysexual, and even other bisexual folk who are not against other m-spec labels. many BaBs tend to say that these people are not battle axe bisexual, however, this is prevalent behaviour among them

Bisexual means attraction to more than one gender, however, its a very broad term, as there are some people with preferences and others without, hence the other m-spec terms that exist specifically to narrow down said users preferences. an example, not all bisexuals are pansexuals, but all pansexuals fall under bisexual

and no, panphobia is not hate against pansexuals, its a serious anxiety disorder, use the term anti-pan (this is literally coming from a pansexual)
Tracy:"hi! i identify as omnisexual!"
Mike: "oh cool! i identify as bisexual!"
Alex: "thats awesome! i identify as pansexual!"
Samantha: "OMFG uR coNTRIBUTIng TO bIPhoBiA yOU fuCKIng rEtARds"
Mike: "ew, a BaB"
Alex: "dont mind them, theyre a battleaxe bisexual"
by Some Anonymous Shithead November 09, 2020
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A battleaxe bisexual is a bisexual person being against the concept of pansexuality and its contribution to bisexual erasure.
Hey yo did you knew there is a battleaxe bi(sexual) group chat?
by aikoooo November 21, 2019
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A Bisexual who's educated in bi history and actively fights against biphobia and bi erasure. Battleaxe Bisexuals are shortened into BaBs. BaBs know that pansexuality and other mspec labels (omni/poly) originated out of awful bi stereotypes and biphobia.
Anna: Who are Battleaxe Bisexuals?
Emma: battleaxe Bisexuals are Bisexuals who fight against biphobia and bi erasure. They know that pan is the same as bi and it contributes to biphobia.
Anna: oh thanks. I support BaBs!! And so should everyone
by Seahorsefishes January 24, 2021
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epic ppl who fight bisexual erasure caused by the pansexual label
bisexuality has always been attraction regardless of gender
Vanessa: Did you know that Tobias dislikes the pansexual label?
Florian: Yep, he's a battleaxe bisexual. That's so epic.
by konamarona August 06, 2020
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