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Battle Mountain (B.M.) is located in the Northern Nevada region of the Great Basin. Given its central location on the intersecting point of freeways NV-305 and I-80, it is prime real estate for illicit organizations/cartels. These groups gone virtually undetected by local law enforcement, due to B.M.'s small town "charm", for nearly 30 years. It is the direct midpoint for three major cities (Reno, Salt Lake City, and Las Vegas) making the city a key factor in Nevada's black-market trade.
by fukkboi stewie December 28, 2007
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Town in Nevada known for its corrupt police force and its high drug problem. Between Reno and Salt Lake, You need weed we got it.
dat b-town bammer got me hella keyed
by bacdafucup May 24, 2004
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Only small town in the country that gets national recognition on a regular basis.
MTV, Washington Post, NY Times & MSNBC dont lie... Battle Mountain, Nevada. "RESPEK!!"... go cop that 'Downtown Battle Mountain' cd too you punk-ass bitches
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town in northern nevada that has a population of crackheads and prostitutes but it still smells better thatn lovelock which smell of horse shit and urine but of course the bums that are always around leave a stench with their broken bottles of bum piss aka 211 and their arrid fecies on ppls cars
Jim: Oh Man i cant wait til i get to battle mountian to screw a hooker in the ass
Gary: Me either i want to get herpes there.
Jim: Gee this is going to be the best trip ever i cant wait til i tell all my friends
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