Guy1:Why is chloe so mad at you?
Guy2:i batman'd her last night
by Dariuscraven December 29, 2007
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nananananananana Batman Batman
by Emmet March 21, 2006
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Invented by Bob Kane in 1940. Coolest superhero in American comic book history (the Incredible Hulk probably comes in a discreet second). Batman's real-life alter ego is billionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne. When summoned to crime-ridden Gotham City by the Batsignal (a batlike silhouette within a searchlight beam, shining onto those perpetually dense clouds) he proceeds to de-scum the place like nobody else. Often has at least one delightfully camp side-kick, but generally works best alone.
Unforgettable scene from Tim Burton's 1988 movie ..,

(BATMAN dangles HOOD over side of 23-storey building)

I'm not going to harm you. I want you to do something. I want you to tell all your friends who I am.

Hood (howling in fear):

(Batman pulls the Hood in about an inch from his masked face.)

I'm Batman.

(He throws the Hood down on the flat roof behind them. Long before the criminal has regained a fraction of his composure, Batman has disappeared into the shadows.)
by Fearman October 07, 2007
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Hardass comic book character created by Bob Kane.

... Who is unfortunatley riddiculed on www.urbandictionary.com with moronic definitions.
Your innuendo isn't even funny.
by Anonymous March 13, 2005
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batman : verb = to get someone in a first person shooter, like halo or counterstrike, by quickly yet carefully landing on top or next to them FROM UP ABOVE (like batman would) and killing them in one shot/kill , or a maximum of two seconds. It has to be done quickly, becuase batman gets kids like that.
"I just batmaned the $*#! out of that guy with my energy sword, AND HE DIDN'T EVEN SEE IT COMING!!!!"
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A superhero (without powers) who dresses as a bat to strike fear in his enemies. He generally investegates as a detective. Behind the mask he is multi-millionare Bruce Wayne.
As a child he became determined for vengance ever since witnessing his parents being killed by a crook.

Created by Bob Kane and was originally potrayed with a lighter style, but was later re-created to be much darker by Frank Miller.
by shay42 August 31, 2005
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