A grown man who still runs around in a cape throwing things and playing hide and seek with a clown.
Joker: grow up batman.
Batman: at least I stopped using my moms makeup, wait I can't.
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by Derek Wolfe October 24, 2016
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The Best Superhero Ever
Also Known As: The Dark Knight, The Caped Crusader, The Dark Knight Detective, The World's Greatest Detective, The Bat-Man, And Bruce Wayne.
Random Thug: "Wh-Who Are You?!?!?!?!?"

Batman: "What are you, dense? Are you retarded or something? Who the hell do you think I am? I'm the goddamn Batman."
by The Goddamn Batman! February 12, 2010
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When someone is performing fellatio on you and you thrust a little too deep, thus damaging their vocal cords and causing them to speak in the characteristically raspy voice of Christian Bale's Batman.
"Wtf is wrong with your girlfriend's voice?"
"I got a little too excited head-fucking her last night and gave her a Batman."
by shadya_pervytra April 18, 2015
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Here is all you need to know about Batman:
He's the goddamn Batman.
Person 1: "Hey, why did he get pulled into the sky by that parachute thing? He could've just went to the airport."

This is not the correct question.

ANSWER: He's. the. goddamned. Batman.
by The Batman Advisory Team August 10, 2008
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-Batman is a DC comics super hero and quite possibly the most badass thing ever created.

-Batman has several movies and games such as "The Dark Night" and "Batman Arkham City".

-Batman's real identity is Bruce Wayne. A billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.
Friend- "Dude, wanna watch a movie"

Me- "No, i'm playing COD"

Friend- "I rented Batman The Dark Night"

Me- "HELL YEA. I'll get the popcorn and soda"
by rage'n'dane January 15, 2013
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worlds greatest super hero, protector of gotham, legend world wide.

see also Joel
by batjoel January 02, 2013
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