A type of sex role-play style invented in Poland where the woman is usually tied or handcuffed to the bed (damsel in distress) and the man, dressed in a Batman costume, climbs onto elevated furniture over the bed (closet, dresser, table, etc.) and jumps/glides down onto the women tied to the bed, rescues her...or not, and then they engage in intercourse.

This was brought to media attention when one Polish couple attempted this and failed. The woman was handcuffed to the bed and her lover jumped from some furniture, hit his head on the bed post, and passed out. The woman started screaming, neighbors called the cops, and the fire department eventually busted through the door and discovered a very odd scene (woman handcuffed to bed and Batman passed out on the floor).
Fire Department: What is going on here?!
Woman: Help! We were having Batman sex and Batman hit his head and passed out while gliding down from that cabinet!
Fire Department: ... LOL!
by SilentGuardian February 21, 2014
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When a man hangs upside down and busts a nut in her face then retreats to the darkness of the room.
I tried something new yesterday. I performed a Batman sex
by No user March 30, 2021
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