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The act of making a person feel unwelcome in a multi-stall public bathroom because of his/her gender identity and/or expression by action ranging from hostile comments and questions, actual physical shoving, or unwarranted complaints to the authorities when the person has no interfered with anyone's safety, and has a good reason to use the bathroom he/she has chosen and/or avoid the one with the opposite sex designation.
This just in: Pacific Park, an amusement park in Santa Monica, CA, is being investigated for bathroom shoving. Authorities say employees forcibly and unlawfully removed a female-looking guest from the women's room, who entered merely to relieve her bladder, did not interact with the other guests, and did not disrobe in their view of give any other indications of her unusual gender history. When question, the victim insisted that if she used the men's room, she'd make the men and the boys even more uncomfortable, not to mention running the risk of being assaulted.
by LA_girl November 02, 2008
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