Freshwater fish of north america, present in rivers, ponds and lakes. Very appreciated as a game fish by anglers.
Person 1: I took a big mean smallmouth bass on a lipless crankbait, yesterday.
Person 2: Big mean smallmouth bass, huh? That used to be my nickname in high school.
by Clar0020 December 29, 2022
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Bass means butt and KIDS BOP SANG IT OML HELP ME!!!
E I’m all about that bass no trouble I’m all about that bass bout that bass no trouble. A boyfriend says to a girlfriend yo I’m all about that bass.
by IM SUS I HAVE A DIRTY MIND September 20, 2022
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When u do a girl on ur bass system with a hardcore song on!
I tapp the bass with jennifer last weekend in my trunk!
by xxKroNicNinjaxx November 19, 2011
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where you slap the bass to hard. Your rectum takes offence
guy: Man I think I was slap'n the bass to hard

Guy 2 : I know bruv it kills init. My wife tried slap'n the bass last night
by That 420 guy October 30, 2017
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A person who would stick his cock in a fishes mouth. Usually a southerner.
Bubba the bass boffer 's sister caught him fucking a largemouth bass and decided to help him with his predickament.
by jazzballer December 4, 2015
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Bass Farming (BASE FARMING) is a musical technique developed by Aaron Kent (aka DJ IOD) in 2010. The technique is a growing research project in finding musical bass reverb differentials (aka "IODS") that are generated as a by product of applying vibrations together in varying forms.

The music format is designed to find the new edges of tech music (mostly from a drum and bass, hardstyle approach)
Bass Farming is an example of this would be one sound being played plus another sound being played, and the listener experiencing a third new referenced sound.
by xirtamtech February 23, 2012
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