another name for my good friend "beer"
I'm quite parched and could use another barley pop.
by Steve January 3, 2004
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Would you care for a refrershing Barley Pop?
by grizz0844 September 30, 2006
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A barley pop is a crisp, super cold beer that you throw back on the reg. You can reg supercolds across a variety of climates, including the dry air of Arizona.

Coors light is a prime example of a barley pop, with a frost brewed liner, 2 super cold blue bars, and scenic Rocky Mountains on the can.
I know a guy who can really throw back barley pops. He reg's supercolds on the reg. You must drink them at the proper temperature despite multiple climates. Andrew Worth can throw 'em back when you're pullin supercolds
by Super Cold fan, reggin August 22, 2012
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