1. (v) Rubbing one's rump against the bark of a tree, often for sexual gratification

2. (n) A name for one who barks

3. (n) A common insult, implying that one barks

1. Yesterday I saw Bob Barker barking in the woods; he looked quite happy.

2. Crazy Pete is a barker; he loves rubbing his rump against trees.

3. Shut up, you barker!
by Kate Mueller December 17, 2006
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To strike a limb against something solid; usually a leg against a coffee table or other furniture.
"Oh man. I just barked my shin on that stupid glass coffee table again. You can't see it at all!"
by Shorty March 19, 2005
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shit stain or streak left on or in a toilet that won't come off
Will left bark on the toilet seat and it won't even scrub off.
by Dario March 22, 2005
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aka peppermint bark. Liked by whores from campo.
T***********01: u have to bark me
by m1k0 January 05, 2005
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