Someone following the beliefs taught in the King James Bible. In no way related to Catholicism, AT ALL! It is not a protestant religion in the fact that protestants come from the catholic church as seperatists. The baptists are the first church started (I. E.- John the Baptist). Believe in salvation by prayer and the Lord's forgiveness, not works. Commonly stick to themselves, buy occassionaly form alliances (I. E.- world Baptist Association.
Man 1: What faith are you?
Man 2: Baptist.
Man 1: Oh, so you're protestant?
Man 2: No! I'm Baptist!!!
by Jesus Loves You February 19, 2006
Allies of ourselves, the Catholics, in our war against immorality and ungodliness aka *cough cough* gay marriage *cough cough* If you're gonna go to hell for something, it's gonna be that.

Baptists, like us, are a Republican denomination.
If a punk-rocker liberal walked into a Baptist church, he would probably get doused with holy water in an attempt to vanquish his impure ass. The same can be said about Catholic churches.

Righteousness will always prevail.
by The Road Warrior July 9, 2005
a Baptiste is someone who is very caring, kind and loving, but quite closed at the same time. Normally good boyfriends. This type of person is also renowned in bed and is an amazing catch.

The male version of an Elinor.
my boyfriend is such a Baptiste, i swear it's amazing
by handlecakes October 7, 2016
A member of one of several hundred Christian denominations who all agree that the the Bible is the literal word of God, but don't agree with each other. See fundamentalist, fucktard
Q. What religion are you, Reformed Baptist?
A. No, they're going to Hell(tm). I'm a Sovergn Grace Baptist.
by Cuntoleezza Rice November 10, 2006
A variation of the Christian religion, it is common in the United States in an area known as the Bible Belt, which covers all of the Deep South. Baptists claim that they are the original church, started by John the Baptist, but this is untrue. The Baptist religion, like all other variations of Christianity, exists only because of Martin Luther, who instituted the much needed Reformation during a time of great corruption in the Catholic Church.

Baptists beleive that heaven is reached through, of course, baptism, and deep faith in Jesus Christ. They are know for their aggressive recruiting of new followers and almost militant approach to people who challenge their beleifs or do not fit their ideals. They are almost competitive with other religions in their attempts to gain followers.

Their Churches are usually large and impressive, and the bigger ones are well funded, or privately owned.

Baptist children will ask you if you beleive in Jesus Christ, and may tell you that you are going to Hell if you say no. They tend to completely accept their parents opinions without question.

And discussion with a Baptist about religion will most likely turn into an arguement about the fate of your soul, who will probably be heading downstairs, in their opinion.

Baptists also tend to make a great fuss about such topics as birth control, abortion, war, and the death penalty. They usually refuse to hear anyone else's veiwpoint on these issues and will frequently use the name of God to justify their ignorant opinions. They tend to be hypocritical on these issues and become flustered when proven wrong.
Baptist: Accept Jesus into your heart as your savior!!
Some Guy: Bitch, I'm Catholic.

Baptist: Let's bomb an abortion clinic and then go kill those heretics in Iraq!
Some Guy: Whatever happened to 'Thou shalt not kill?'

Baptist: Let's pass a law against birth control and abortion!
Some Girl: So... what are you gonna do if you daughter gets pregnant?
Baptist: Oh, well, we'll have the doctor take care of it.
Some Girl: That's not gonna happen if birht control is ILLEGAL. Idiot.
Baptist: ... You're going to hell.

by Zombie Girl July 14, 2006
Baptists are a very closed minded group of religious zealots
that give virtually no respect to those that disagree with their beliefs. Basically the Christian equivalent of a muslim terrorist, the members of this faith, especially of more fundamental sects, boycott the expansion of human knowledge when not in relation to religious beliefs. They take the bible literally to an extreme extent, and destroy the once good name that Christianity held. They justify themselves by claiming to be the only true followers of Christ. They favor extreme faith over logic, and border insanity.

Many Baptists throughout time can be seen committing violent acts, such as the Westboro Baptists, in relation to the boycott of American soldier funerals, and the extreme persecution and hatred of homosexuals, and Jews; basically everyone whos not a hard-core Baptist.
From a Baptists eyes: "If that boy ain't of Baptist faith I don't want him anywhere near my home"

From normal eyes: "I support the expansion of the human mind and of science and all that is logic."
by Lucas Auraleus, The Chode July 28, 2006
A Baptiste is the kind of person who seems scrary ass hell at first look cause off his physical capacities ans his dirty look but you can always trust a Baptiste.

But care Baptiste are a particular kind of peapole you don't want to mess with, they usualy think for themself first and aren't affraid to kick ass to get what they want .
But Baptiste are always sincere and trustfull you can count on them for the good or even the dirty work, they have a huge imagination and know how to use it , but don't be afraid of the Baptiste they are the kindest peapole easy lovers and always take hard decision to help and protect the best ways peapole they loves beafore logic or common interest, they are also wery good at sex , some huge penis and a big pussy destroyer potential they're girlfriend are vert lucky getting a Baptiste is pretty hard but it's the best boyfriend you can have they always try to do the kindest and the best thing for their loved one but remenber that they can be a big asshole anytime.
Girl : My men is a Baptiste i'm so lucky

Men : Be carefull Baptiste aren't foreseeable

Girl : Yeah but enven if they hurt peapole it's for they own good
by Heheman November 9, 2019