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On the latest version of facebook, there is a banner of your 5 most recently tagged photos. This is a way in which someone can gain a first glimpse at who you are. This also is something that can be taken advantage of, in the form of Banner Bombing. Banner Bombing is when you create an album such as the following,, which allows you to make their banner into something hilarious. Our banner of choice was a cartoon drawn penis. This is fun to do your friends, co-workers, ex-girlfriends, and your even your enemies.

Banner Bombing, The latest Facebook trend!
Example One:
-Jane is facebook creeping on her friends sally. She then clicks a comment by nick on one of sallys status'.

-Jane is instanly horrified at the large genitalia looking right at her at the top of nick's profile page.

Example Two:
--James wakes up in the morning after a good night sleep.

--James decides to log onto facebook, and is greeted with, "You have 5 new tagged photos!"

--James gets excited to see what they are, he soon finds out that he has been a victim of banner bombing
by NickKMarcD June 28, 2011
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Tactic developed by Sir Christoff Wagenaar as a means to undermine and defeat rival fans, haters, or just plain people you want to humiliate. You go to and find or make a banner that you know the person will hate, then upload it and tag it to their page, leaving a banner across the top. BOOSH!!!
Kat: (Red Sux Fan) Chris:(Yankees Fan) Kat: "Hey Chris, Rex Sux Ruleee!" Chris: "Bitch, Please" Banner Bombing on Kat's wall: "Yankees" Across the top POW POW!
by Jorgen Von Stranglebuff July 29, 2011
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