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When an individual gets so frustrated that they pick up the nearest object (the nearest object is a fruit bowl) and bang it with their hand like it is a tambourine to get attention from their colleagues. This should not be mistaken with banging a tambourine as that is joyful and banging the fruit bowl is not a joyful experience for all.
Look .... I'm not banging the fruit bowl yet but I am close!
Man did you see that dude ... he was really banging the fruit bowl.
If you don't start listening to me I am going to bang the fruit bowl until you do!
Oh really? Well how about I bang the fruit bowl and you cower in fear?
Too many steroids ...... bang the fruit bowl ... it will help you to relax!
When all else fails ..... start banging the fruit bowl!
There is more than one way to bang the fruit bowl!
KEEP CALM ...... and bang the fruit bowl!
In event of nuclear attack ....... bang the fruit bowl!
When not given what you want .... bang the fruit bowl.
Feel like acting childish ? .... bang the fruit bowl.
Off your medication? Bang the fruit bowl.
Don't like the kid in two and a half men .... bang the fruitbowl.
by thephatcontroller November 17, 2013
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