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a woman who cooks, and clean up, and somebody that will do everything you say. And you get to bang her too.
Charlie: And I'll tell you what else, you're not gonna find a bang maid, 'cause there's no such thing.

Frank: I already did, your mom. Goodbye.
by BenWeasel November 20, 2007
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1)A maid that is for banging.
2)One who cooks and cleans without complaining or even talking too much, and then you can have sex with her/him.

Not to be confused with wife/spouse because it is in fact far far better.

Originally used on the hit tv series "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"
Bangmaid, go wash my socks and then suck on this for a while.

Bangmaid, did I tell you that you could come out of your closet?

When I work hard all day, all I ask is that my bangmaid cleans the goddamn house, cook my dinner and lick my balls. Is that too much to ask?
by Laura Shortner February 28, 2008
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