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THE BANDOS GODSWORD is a weapon that is created by the finest smiths of runescape, it is one of four godswords that exist as the most expensive weapons: These include; Armadyl godsword(most expensive), saradomin godsword(second most expensive), zamorak godsword(3rd most expensive)and Bandos godsword( the least expensive due it being the easiest godsword to find) its special attack is probably the best of all four, lowering defence of an enemy from the amount of damage inflicted. The godsword can only be made by players: the hilt and 4 shards of a sword blade are dropped in a place called " god wars".it is said that around 100 hilts make there way into ge every day but there is control on when it sells and who it sells to.
Bandos godsword requires 75 attack to weild like every other godsword.
by james campi June 15, 2008
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