While your girl is sleeping, jizz all over her tits. Then lay the top sheet on it. In the morning when it's dried up it peels off her like a sticky band-aid! Just as SEK did back in Naim.
Scott was mad his girl didn't want sex, so he beat off in her and gave her a sticky band-aid
by Rhino77 December 05, 2013
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Using a quick fix to deal with a problem temporarily, only to have it re-emerge later. It is a fundamental cornerstone of modern society.
An example of a Band-Aid Solution:

I bought my girlfriend a gift, because she was upset that I told her she was fat. She's still fat.
by Jon Wuzy November 20, 2011
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When someone on the internet whines about their life just so they can get a shitload of people to put an emotional "band-aid" on said user by feeling sorry for him/her. These are the same type of people that censor their YouTube comment section or complain about trivial shit like "cyber bullying". Most commonly seen on Facebook where bitches are always talking about how "broken" they are.
Half of all female Facebook users utilize internet band-aids.
by thisplacesucksass March 05, 2014
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A policy, program, or collective act that is meant to cure the ills of society, but usually falls well short of achieving it's goal by failing to understand the root of the problem.
Our goal is not only to provide the necessary food to those without, as that is applying a social Band-Aid to a very grave issue. We are committed to education and raising awareness, creating a new methodology for ending hunger.
by endlesst0m384 February 21, 2009
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A baby that is conceived during a rocky period in a marriage, when it is hoped that a baby will (even temporarily) bring the couple back together. Usually the wife plans this baby behind her husband's back and pretends to be surprised.
Lisa: I thought Rick & Joan were heading towards divorce?

Brenda: Yeah, but then Joan announced her pregnancy.

Lisa: Ooh, band-aid baby. She is too meticulous to "forget" to take her birth control.
by Deerdles March 07, 2008
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An approach to child-spacing.

You must choose if you'd prefer to have your kids very close together in age, thus ripping off the band-aid in 1 very quick, yet very painful tear. Or if you prefer to have your kids spaced further apart; a less intense pain but an approach that takes much longer until the band aid is completely off.
People who space their kids 18 months or less apart take the "quick and painful" Band-Aid Approach. But people who space their kids more than 2 years apart are the ones who take the "plucking hair by hair" Band-Aid Approach.
by bellebeandog January 03, 2011
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The act of inserting one's erect penis into a friend's bullett wound to help stop the bleeding. Blowing one's wad while in the wound can act as a blood clotting agent (pleasure for you, first aid for them...everyone wins)
When my friend Hillary was shot in the face in a drive by, I was quick to insert my erect member into her new orafice to stop the bleeding with a bologna band aid. Forgetting the enormity of my manhood, I inadvertantly gave her an Angry Chewbacka in the process.
by mogy May 29, 2007
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