Something only mom's have readily available.
<injured person>Has anyone got a band aid?

<his buddy>... a what?
by Teh Deputy November 25, 2003
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Someone who helps out the Marching Band in every way possible and are not appreciated enough for their hard work.
Person1: Hey, who are they?

Person2: oh! They’re Band-Aids, they help out with a lot!

Person1: you’re lucky to have them huh?

Person2: you have no idea!
by Fandoms.Fries.and.Flute October 17, 2018
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A ship from the game super danganronpa 2 between mikan tsumiki and ibuki mioda
Person 1: do you like the ship band-aid

Person 2: what
by .Ibuki mioda. August 17, 2021
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A girl that travels with and has sex with the band group members.

A Band Aid is an attractive/very sexy Band Groupie that has been invited to travel with a band group in their buss or plane in place of furnishing her own transportation to follow the band from city to city and is furnished food and clothing in exchange for sex with the band members and roadies.

Reference to Band Aid is mentioned in the movie "Almost Famous".
Debbi was picked from a bunch of Groupies to be a Band Aid because she fucks like a mink.
by Ducky April 30, 2004
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A very short skirt on a girl. It is so short that it looks like she only has a small patch of cloth wrapped around her hips, hence band aid. So short, that anything besides standing will reveal too much.
"Damn that girl Ashley is wearing a nice band aid today."
by whateveryaknow April 07, 2007
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Man 1: I scraped my leg. I think I need a band aid.
Man 2: Band Aid? you mean bitch sticker?
by LeglizeDeKoosh April 01, 2015
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To temporarily fix something by useing Duct tape or some other method.
If you don't have time to fix the radiator on your car band-aid it.
by Jbw1269 August 05, 2006
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