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A woman who performs sexual favors on band members. Usually this is to heighten their status in the live music scene. Some women look up to this art and will brag about performing this duty.
"i only joined this band to get band sluts"
"we might be a shit band but we sure do get the band sluts"
"that band slut sucked my pipe last night old school, i am a rock god!"
"i don"t even like this music or know what the fuck it is about . I just go to gigs to be a band slut, and im a better person for it"
by P. Rickshaw September 25, 2007
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someone who is a slut and only likes bands because they think the main singer is attractive.
madison malik is a bandslut.
by bandslutinc January 04, 2011
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someone who plays with too many bands, eg. if they play with 5 different bands in one day
fred played with a few bands and got known as a band slut
by the_stoot64 January 30, 2007
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