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The type of person who plays an instrument (mainly guitar) just because they would like to fit in. They usually congregate into a "band" and play incredibly repetitive music, have no knowledge of music theory, and put down musicians who have a passion for what they do.
Band Faggot: Hey, that marching band is gay. Let's point and laugh at them, then go and play some real music.

Band Geek: Real music? The one with the three chords and the F-Bomb repeated 73 times?
by fortesplat October 22, 2006
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Some nerdy looking pussies who will never get laid. They're the most boring people and most of them aren't even that smart when compared to intelligent people who didn't waste their time on a shitty instrument. They spend 10 hours a day playing their shitty little instrument instead of being productive to society.
Billy Bob Anderson is a faggy little douchebag who sits in the corner while he plays his instrument 10 hours a day. He has many friends but they are all just as pathetic as he is. He is known as a Band Faggot.
by Fuckyoubandlosers November 02, 2012
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any faggot bitch ass little panzy in the schools band. nerdy little fuck that thinks he's so god damn smart cause he can play a fuckin trumpet
by MetallilbangeR April 13, 2005
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