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Generally the most fun experience you will ever have. Seriously. Ever. Usually surrounded by friends, instruments, and generally awesome people simply by the fact they are in band, you can expect the funniest jokes, gestures, and awkward silences. You will be talking about or acting out something very strange that you and your "bus buddy" will be the only ones to understand. While doing so, everything will go silent and you will be regarded as the strangest person in band. Until it happens to someone else. You can watch the croud as you be the most fabulous people on Earth ever. Watch them carefully for they are your peasants. You will take over the world after you take home the biggest fuckin trophy you have ever seen in your mega god life. They may not be worshipping you yet but you are harnessing their energy. Even if you don't know it. Subconsciously, your mind is screaming "MORE POWAH" and you are succeeding. You will then ride home with a bunch of people covered in blankets, half asleep, complaining about being too hot and how bad their marching shoes smell. Not to mention everyone's head will hurt from wearing tight buckets on their head with your hair stuffed inside. Enjoy your inside jokes afterwords and never speak to anyone about anything that happened that night. Ever. Everyone will want to send you to a psychiatric ward.
Drum major: "guys remember those band competitions? They were SO FUN!

Rest of band: "you speak of this to no one"
by Casslyn99 November 02, 2013
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