1.) Where one goes too when they have too much "Pep in their Step!" O_O

2.) A group of generally n.e.r.d.y individuals that play or at least act like they can play any sort of instrument of the school-type pleasures
eg :: 1.) a.Get the lead out at BAND CAMP! b.I'm ba-bababaBAND to the Camp! c.My BandCamp brings all the grrrlz too the yard!
d.BandCampin Til I Die!

eg :: 2.) One year at bandcamp,... I stuck a flute in my pussy! :D \o/
by AhdioHore May 01, 2004
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Typically a two-week period of the most excruciatingly painful, god-awful exercises known to man. Usually held in the summer at the peak of the hottest weather of the year, mostly held outside, little food or sleep or water involved, many tears are shed, several participants pass out, several are hit with equipment, induces PTSD in all involved, and is usually for high-school marching band students. And I'll be damned if I hear any sort of disrespect toward any marching band kid for complaining about being in pain ever again.

Seriously, it's awful.

Still fun tho.
BAND KID I: Hey! You ready for band camp?

by SketchyBee January 01, 2020
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a generally horrible two-week experience endured by high-school marching band students. Makes me wonder why anyone does it
Thank God I quit band...track and xc are so much better
by cmills March 28, 2005
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The tan members of a marching band get in band camp, usually consisting of pale feet, tan legs, and depending on the shirt you wear, tan arms and/or shoulders, and a pale chest. If wearing gloves, will also have extremely pale hands. Similar to a farmer's tan, except to qualify you must get it in marching band camp.
"Whoah, why are your hands so pale?"
"Oh that's just my band camp tan."
by flutechik10 July 20, 2009
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A code word for a swinger's club.

That way you can talk about it and people listening in won't know what you're talking about. They'll think that you play an instrument which is sort of true because you play the skin flute at Band Camp.
What are you doing after this? Going to Band Camp. I need to find a trio or a quartet.
by Manicorn Hunter July 28, 2012
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A place where you can get pregnant!
Lexie: "Hey, where did you get knocked up again?"

Patty: "{Band Camp}!"
by Market Basket hottie June 13, 2009
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Where all the weird shit happens
Bill: Hey Johnny wanna do a line of Cocaine off my Shaft
Johnny: Sure!
Bill: So glad it's legal here at Hardcore Band Camp
by GodShaveTheQueen October 13, 2013
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