I'm a born and raised baltimoron and i'm damn proud of it, but let's get a few things straight hon- we have an accent mainly with our famous "Baltimore O", if you don't eat blue crabs just leave and if you don't know what a chicken box is then you haven't lived oh and it's natty boh not national bohemian, you beg your mom to buy berger cookies becuase we all know they are the shit! we stand by out O's no mattter what kinda season they're having and then there's purple fridays where the the city's pretty much painted purple. we call every one hon and we b'lieve. we "warsh" our clothes and "sharr" in "wooder"! oh and this fine city is Balmer not bal-ti-more and it's in "murlin'. we go down nee ocean (with the baltimore O). we live in rowhouses and we put emphasis on the O in the star spangled banner. We embrace the beehive hair and decorate with pink flamingo's. we put old bay on everything and 95 connects you to everywhere. if you cut us off you get the horn and we cuss you out. we hate the steelers and yankees and that will never change. we're obnoxious and we love to party, but that's what makes us the best!
"i'm from balmer hon"
"do you mean Baltimore?"
"yea hon, balmer!"
by baltimoronHON95 August 25, 2011
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The city in Maryland that's bashed repeatedly on this site by those who have never been there. One can easily travel through the East Side of Baltimore with no problem at all: black, white, man, woman. What's more, bands frequently play in the neighborhoods that you fear the most, and they manage to lug their instruments back and forth without any mugging/robbing attempts whatsoever.

We do have the STDs and weed, though.
I walked up and down North Avenue with $20's hanging out of my pockets, and nothing happened to me.
by Fuck a Bitch March 28, 2005
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pronounced "bawlamer" by the hardcore locals, Baltimore is virtually #1 in many National categories --- crime rate, murder rate, heroin addiction and teen-age pregnancy. With a population over 600,000 ( and shrinking ), B-More is one of the largest and most famous cities in the US.

Like many large East Coast cities, Baltimore has its slums, its exclusive million dollar neighborhoods, ethcnic groups living within defined but invisble lines, and Democratic Politicians who make sure things stay just the way are now -- bad, and getting worse.
by jnjnjn September 08, 2009
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Greatest City In America!!! Population of about 600,000 in city limits.
Sure, some parts are dirty n got their problems and hobos and drugs and violence, but what city doesn't? There are more sexy females within any given 2 block radius than there are in the whole of any other city; plenty of bars, and nearly everything to do in a city filled with life and excitement. The rules are chill, because the police have SERIOUS things to worry about, so nearly anything is acceptable; this city is fun people believe me! The suburbs house the rich kids and are pretty gay, but the city is great! It's building up down here every day.

And yes, there is some crime, but it's concentrated, and usually has reasoning behind it. Don't be stupid and those people will leave you alone; it's actualy easier to get along with down-to-earth Baltimore residents than it is with rich kids in suburban high schools that are assholes, because nobody in Baltimore is snobby! So come on down, why don't you; there's plenty to do and see. Born in Sinai Hospital; Park Heights where u at!!!
I walk down North Avenue in Baltimore City with 50s hangin' out my pocket and my cell phone out, but i show respect n i have no problems wit' anybody.
*Everyday Thing*
-"Walking down North Ave with 50's hanging out pocket"
-"Sup fam""whats good"
-"Pull out cell phone, talks chill"
-"Reaches destination safely"
My Point: All you Bmore Bashers burn in hell
by Proud Baltimorean January 19, 2008
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my hometown
real niggaz
fuck all the gay ass cities
la, atlana, boston new york, philly
bmore is legit son dont fuck or you will die
baltimore home of the sexiest ass womem, best weed and a whole lot of shit
by bmore February 11, 2005
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The best of the worst of American cities.

Highest incidents of violent crimes.
Highest rates of stds.
Heroin capital of the US.
Mayor tries to campaign on getting the murder rate under 300.
The third worst dressed city.
The fourth worst city for urban youth behind Detroit and Atlanta.
Ranks 192 out of 193 for best drivers.
Some of the worst schools in the state.

Locals will try to convince you that the whole two blocks of the Inner Harbor, which was a last ditch attempt to save the city, is a redeeming quality.

It is funny to watch Raven's fans try to talk smack about established franchises like the Steelers and Redskins, though no one went to a game till the Raven's went to the Superbowl.
What is even funnier is that Poe might have been a Giant's fan, considering he spent more time in New York.

The second arguement is that every city has crime. Every city has a deli too, doesn't mean you want to eat there.

Baltimore has JHU, the most prestigious medical school in the world, and the med students and interns get mugged on their way to class. The city should consider itself damn lucky the school hasn't moved.

What is going for Baltimore?

Good Food
Camden Yards
You know your in Baltimore when you knock on someone's door and they yell at you to come back with a warrant before slamming it in your face.
by watergirl2012 July 09, 2012
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Heaven on earth. A place where you can drive less than 5 minutes and find something to do. Where downtown is amazing and charming in its own bright light, thank you hon, crab eating, drink soda not pop, way. Old bay is not just a seasoning, its a main ingredient. Where driving can be a battle for your life and if you stop at a light, you've been approached by at least one crackhead or prostitute. A little rough around the edges, but beautiful in its own way, baltimore a place I love, and always want to stay
hey hon, ain't no better place than Balmore, Merlin ( baltimore maryland)
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