When your so fuckin stoned you just gotta take a minute to realize you don't have a baloney sandwich
What the fuck man I'm stoney baloney buh didn't make that goddamn baloney sandwich
by MKD775 May 14, 2019
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A homosexual penis, suitable for fucking or getting sucked.
Straight guys envy gay baloney because its bigger than hetero weenies.
by partymonster789 August 22, 2009
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post baloney is white trash who thinks he can rap but is really only a rapper for white girls like sophie
i will eat some post baloney
by amanda hug and kiss!! November 15, 2017
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Someone who speaks of something they know nothing about as if they were a Jedi Master.
<Obi Wan Baloney> You should be careful when doing barrel rolls - it could disturb the yeast.
<Chuck Yeager> Thanks, I'm trying to reduce my bread intake anyway.
by Mark Shackelford October 30, 2007
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Is the act of getting one's dick sucked while wrapped in Baloney or other lunch meat, just as the male reaches orgasm a smoldering cigarette is introduced to the meatus on the opening of the penis, sealing the penis shut and building up semen, which will make orgasm much more enjoyable . the step is then repeated with out the cigarette.
Lonely Man: How much for a SBJ.

Prostitute: Da fuck is that?

Lonely Man: You know a Smokey Baloney Job.

Prostitute: oh ok 50 bucks, but I got no Baloney.

Italian Butcher: It's fine you could buy some Prosciutto.
by mister4400 November 30, 2010
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