Somebody with such a big cleft in their chin that it resembles a scrotum.
Dudley-Do-Right has a balls chin
by staccato brainstem February 07, 2005
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When a person has chin that looks like a ball sack, usually do to a large dimple.
Mr. Teddy: "Tom Brady is so lucky for being married to that Gisele Bundchen."
Mrs. Teddy: "Yea considering he has the biggest ball chin I've ever seen."
by Chimm May 17, 2010
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Phrase used to describe something extremely unfortunate, painful, depressing, extreme surprise, or just plain bad.
(Slams hand in car door) Balls on my chin that hurts!

Balls on my chin this meatloaf sucks.

Guy 1: Dude, did that hot girl break up with you?
Guy 2: Yeah, Balls on my chin.
by BenjiW April 28, 2008
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if the balls are resting on the chin, then the dick is in the mouth all the way. its a brash way of describing a blowjob.
Girl while giving a blowjob: Is this a good blowjob?

Man getting the dainty little blowjob: No, i would rather have my balls on your chin.
by Good Ol' Rando April 05, 2017
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Used for relieving excruciating pain after experiencing a catastrophic shin-to-coffee-table injury or other similar anatomical disasters. Usually hollered very loud.
OW OW OW Shit Fuck Damn Piss Hell Balls On Chin.
Who put that table there?
by imahottentot June 19, 2010
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It most cases this may refer to a pair of balls on someone's chin. In other cases this may mean that there is dick AND balls on your chin dick in your mouth, or perhaps maybe - balls in your mouth. It really depends on which side of the the Greenwich Meridian you hear that expression. Really really common thing to hear in South Jamaica while sucking your own dick to pay the rent.
Example conversation in Vietnam:

Man 1 : - Are you going to eat that dog fries ?
Man 2: - No, thank you, I'd rather have my balls on your chin.
Man 1: - I'd rather be dangerously retarded than be your friend.
by Kurzavas November 23, 2013
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You suck at life but not at takeing balls to your chin makeing you the best so ie ball chin champion
Every one knows one if not you should check your face asap. Dont be a ball chin champion its a push back mistake made by all means from being a unkindly whore
by waiting on that hefer julio November 11, 2017
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