1. n): To play basketball
2) adj): One who is in a state of being extremely rich and likes to show off how rich he is.
Master P is ballin with all his money.
by ookiemonster April 21, 2003
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1. To play basketball
2. The act of being fly, smooth.
Look at Josh on the court, he's ballin!

Wow Josh is ballin with the ladies.
by imnotgonnawonder January 23, 2008
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Ballin, is slang for either selling large quantities of drugs, turning a profit off of any activity where something is sold, being well off financially, or playing basketball well. Someone who is ballin is known as a baller.

The term ballin (technically ballin'...an abbreviation of the word balling) draws its origins from the illegal cocaine trade. On the upper rungs of the drug trade, dealers buy cocaine by the kilogram (kilo or key), and distribute to lower dealers in portions of an 1/8 ounce (known as an eightball, or ball). Therefore, a drug dealer who is ballin' is buying kilo's of cocaine at a bulk price, and selling eighth's of an ounce to lesser dealers at an inflated price.
1. He's ballin' coke all day, everyday.
2. Once I get my wood shop up and running, I'm gonna be ballin' cabinets.
3. Did you see that fat wad of cash? That dude is ballin'!
4. Those guys on the court are ballin'!
by Cyan Cincy August 31, 2005
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