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Kids that hang out on the balcony (obviously), these types of kids are typically cringey, annoying, and post their "dark" thoughts on their Snapchat stories. Do not confuse balcony kids with emo people or goth people, they are a new breed. They all "date" one another, they are all each others "ex". Their version of dating is standing on the balcony and holding each other awkwardly close, murmuring "I love you so much". If you see them doing this, make bets on how soon they'll break up, it's a good way to make money. They don't always hang out on the balcony, though, if they're at your school, they may swarm a certain hallway or corridor, screaming their petty inside jokes.
"If you don't like being hated by everyone, don't hang out with the balcony kids."

"You guys are so fucking annoying! You're all just a bunch of inbred fucking balcony kids!"
by chochelle November 21, 2017
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