Japanese way of saying “Idiot”

Most likely picked up by English society by anime’s, where in most cases anime girls call boys “Baka” flirtatiously.

However, I myself, a masculine Gay guy, use “Baka” as a flirtatious joke towards some people like my friends or people I have crushes on and joking with them.
PleaseLoveMeAlready: Ugh. Just say what you wanna say.

Senpai: What is it that I want to say?

PleaseLoveMeAlready: How should I know?

PleaseLoveMeAlready: Ugh.

PleaseLoveMeAlready: ..Baka..
by April 18, 2020
Baka means idiot, stupid, moron, dumb ass (like you for searching up Baka!)
You fucking Baka I already have a raspberry cream donut I wanted strawberry!
by NelAnime06...Baka! June 5, 2019
When someone does something stupid but you still wanna fuck them call them baka
Travis was being a silly little baka when everyone was dying at the concert 😛🤡
by Gothkid69 November 28, 2021
A Japanese word meaning fool or idiot but is often used as "daddy" or other words by mindless bozos.
Person 1: UwU im such a baka.
Person 2: get the gun.
by bee bo bop February 22, 2021
Priscilla: omg you’re such a Baka

Me: you’re so annoying who says Baka
by gaystick May 15, 2021