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To get in a very large pickup or jeep and drive off of a road into a forest or swamp, running everything over.
Dude, ya wanna go baja into that forest. I'll make sure we don't hit a tree.
by Gaz1112 May 23, 2008
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Can be used in many contexts; can be a feeling of happiness or relaxation, or can be used to describe an object or person that has physical appearance or resemblance to a hippie. Is pronounced BAH-JAH; pronounce the J.
by morebajagirl July 22, 2010
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Pernouced BA-JA. The act of geting a blow job from a person who has a mouth filled with Mountain Dew baja blast.
Last night's party was crazy I was there for only 10 minutes and i got the best baja of my life!
by gonzo216 August 14, 2012
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big mutha fuckin tires you put on your sweet ass truck/jeep. Or lights you put on your brush guard or roof
YOOO, bob did you get them 40" baja's yet?
by Dan the not mexican November 06, 2006
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"Baja, you are cute" (never a good way to flirt with someone just saying. you are basically calling them a feminine, short person even though they might be 5"11.
by elite22222 March 01, 2017
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getting your ass eaten out with salsa, sour cream, chesse, etc. with tortilla chips
Nick:what did pendleberry use in your baja?

Kinger; a little cheese, some salsa, and he used those handy tostito scoops
by mike April 23, 2004
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When an individual has his/her first homosexual experience
Dude, I had a baja last night it felt awkward but I liked it.
by maniigawefly February 27, 2015
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