the backside of yo knee foo!
you have a big sweaty, bagina, i can smell it from here.. seriously.

that guy has a hairy bagina.

She wore a mini skirt and everyone could see her bagina.

go clean your bagina, you douche.
by gerthen marpos February 28, 2008
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Slang term used when fucking someone in the ass.
I took it out of her vagina and stuck it in her bagina.
by Ben Horgen November 26, 2006
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the term invented by wissahickon choral nerds used to describe the space between the eyes that usually contains a pinchable nose bridge; a body part in the same category as 'wenis'(located at the tip of the elbow);an extremity of the body that expresses pain when in akward, frustrating or uncomfortable situations, not to be confused with the 'vagina'
The teacher pinched his bagina when none of his students answered his question.
"GAH!"she exclaimed, while pinching her bagina in utter frustration.
by a chick form the chorus room November 18, 2007
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the newly found third hole on a woman in between the butt-hole and the vagina. usually starts showing when a woman enters puberty. if the woman happens to have a fat vagina then the bagina is located in the vagina. the bagina is usually more moist and has a horrific smell compared to the butt-hole. the founder of the "bagina" is Zach, and Tyler.
"Dude! i totally ripped up that bagina last night, it was so fucking moist and smelled like shit gone bad! :P"
by Zachtyler May 24, 2008
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adj: Copius amounts of the current conversational subject.
I would pay bagina dollars to fuck Britney Spears.
by Snaggletooth June 24, 2004
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