used in stead of "long story short" , "never mind the details", "and from here to there", can also be in place of "voila"
guy 1 : How'd you find the money?

guy 2: I went down to carlito's pub, talked to a few people,asked a few questions, took a short drive, Bada bing, Bada boom !, theres the money
by rawdogingbagel February 19, 2016
this "expression" can be used like the word "voila" ----> something is finished or completed...
"and bada bing, bada boom... the cake is done".. get it? =)
by Huyen August 8, 2005
an expression stating something is easy or was easy and simple to accomplish
"we just jack the beer, run to the crib, go see the bitches, fuck em, split, go home and sleep; bada bing bada boom nicca
by Big MACK April 29, 2003
A phrase used to express a situation from its beginning to its end without devulging the details. A Gangsta's secret code for jacking someone.
"Ya know wee go n bada bing, bada boom n we ah atta won't know what hit um!"
by Gina MS July 30, 2005
an overused expression from illiterate morons that ape pretend Mafia language. Usually associated with B or C list 'sellebrities'
that wise-guy wannabe kept trying to work bada bing, bada boom into the conversation, but it was apparent that he should stick to delivering pizzas
by Get Literate September 3, 2005
a word that a certain student at our school likes to say all the time when he is in a nervous situation or..well..any other time. He also needs to cut his fucking finger nails.
"hey you, hey you, i got a 15% on my geometry test, bada bing, bada boom"
by newyorker987345 April 29, 2009
Bada Bing, Bada Boom is mainly used as an expression for a very good looking person.
A drop-dead gorgeous female appears... this would be your cue to say "Bada Bing, Bada Boom!"
by Danny Spozz July 18, 2005