To go bad, means to have a bad trip.

A person having this experience is in extreme discomfort, often being sure of dying within the next moments.

This phenomenon can be caused by, but is not limited to: taking too many drugs, combining drugs, taking drugs in a depressed state.

Bad trips can be prevented: never use new drugs by yourself and moderate your drinking when you smoke weed.

If you see someone who is going bad, try to comfort them by distracting them. More often than not, this occurance is harmless and merely a thought, that the person needs to let go of.
- Dude, you smoked a lot, are you good?
- No, I think I’m going bad.

- You should stop drinking and smoking weed, you don’t wanna go bad.
by The Poorest Kid February 07, 2018
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A type of couple that tends to be either a lovely power couple or a couple with a toxic, dysfunctional relationship. One of the things that prove that usually opposites attract
Good guy: Do you know that cliché about the opposites and shit?
Guy2: Yeah bro why u ask?
Good guy: dude I think I'm falling for Tanisha
Guy2: well, good guy, bad girl, they're either a perfect or an horrible pair.
by 20comer100saberes December 09, 2018
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What anybody could be at any time from Lil Wayne to Donald Trump to Joe Biden (or Nancy Pelosi) anybody who's not 2 dimensional and on a TV screen, or in a video game could be a good guy and a bad guy at different times in their life. The question a lot of people are asking is not the one suggested to them that they ask (Is this guy/girl a nice guy/girl?) or (Was this guy/girl made to look like a nice guy/girl in the one YouTube video by the people filming it?) , but they're asking something more like Is this guy/girl a decent guy/girl most of the time when he/she has the option to be anything he/she wants to? or Does this guy/girl gravitate more toward trying to be evil and scary more often than not?
Good guy/bad guy in a movie, book, or video game is clear a lot of the time, since somebody watching/playing/reading will go by what the director/author wants to be the good guy or bad guy if they're not questioning what they're seeing/reading, but in real life, people are not 2 dimensional, and they're not stupid either, so it's not going to be obvious all the time whether a guy or girl is good or evil by nature.
by Solid Mantis April 09, 2021
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The biggest and the baddest around. He is the "Grandaddy of all things bad"
Teacher of knowledge, a mentor to others.
What would Grandaddy Bad do?
by GBAD April 09, 2017
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When something goes so bad, it's as bad as passing out in a patch of grass behind an apartment building next to a bar.
Dude, I was so drunk last night, it was grass patch bad.
by Jose Agua July 27, 2010
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gay homosexual roblox players play a rip off arsenal game and use snipers as dildos
Terry: Hop on bad business

Jerry: Alright, but I don't like using snipers as dildos.
by californian crackhead May 30, 2021
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