1. Really bad
2. An optimistic way of breaking bad
news (uses in Santa Cruz).
To bad i don't have any money.
by FizzelDonk July 27, 2003
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WHEN YOUR FUCKING a guy or girl so hard it breaks something inside of them and blood starts gushing out so you stick your fist up there and then they shit themselves and you try to grab onto something inside them to stop the shitting and the bleeding and you end up grabbing something that pops and a mucus spurts out his or hers nose. She/he chokes to death on his/hers popped organ and you run as hard as you fucking can into the night covered in shit, piss, blood, and white stuff.
I fucked Stacy last night.

Oh yah, how did that go?

It was Bad.

Oh shit.

by theoriginals June 28, 2011
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That dude totally grabbed my BAD, bro... and it kinda felt good... does that make me gay? huh huh huh!
by Hippie Kilr June 22, 2007
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Another word which the townies have distroyed and turned into... well...
Blonde: omg i like your hair
Skinny: yeah its well bad
Normal person: Bad?
Blonde+Skinny: you taking the piss outta how me and my crew talk innit?
Normal persons friend: yerrr your well ard (piss take)
by Evil Mudpie Slayer January 11, 2005
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1. a sound

1. a series of cadences or sounds commonly misinterpreted by Western people when passively listening to Hindi,Urdu,Tamil or other ethnic South Asian dialects

1. a derogatory word describing those of South Asian descent

Origin: England
Enough of that bad bad ding ding gibberish!!!!! Just give me my fifty cents so I can leave this incense-filled smog-of-a-7/11, Haji, before I cough out a jasmine lung flower!!!!!
by slang scientist April 21, 2009
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