someone who lives next a zoo.
Santa: who is a bad person?
Obama : Louis from "Left 4 Dead"
zzirGrizz: o shit its obama
by DIHARREA CHA CHA CHA October 9, 2010
Not anyone with the name kerri.
just cause u asked if he was a virgin didn't make you a douchebag or a "bad person"
by emily November 22, 2004
A feeling that includes free floating guilt, crying spells and general hatred for yourself for no reason whatsoever.
I had Bad Person Feeling today and could not get off the couch!
by Mindyspark March 10, 2011
A Bad-Person is someone that does everything illegal to get through life no matter who it hurts or who they have to use or take advantage of. A bad-person is someone that will say they care for you but turns around and does everything in their power to bring you down and hurt you.
Jesse was going to jail and asked Samantha to take care of his tools that she knew he had stolen, but when Jesse did not end up in jail Samantha returned all his tools the next day. Jesse accused Samantha of having more of his tools so he threatened to break her legs and kill her friends. Samantha knew that doing this Jesse ultimately showed what a bad person really is
by SthrnTxHotti March 8, 2022