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A gathering of females much like a bachelorette party, except there isn't 1 bacholerette whose 'freedom' is ending. Girls may or may not come in 'sexy' attire & sex toys are brought. A hired expert teaches how to give blowjobs, how to stimulate the clit, etc. At the end of the night, party favors may be handed out (edible underwear, etc). The most famous bad girl party in a movie would probably be that one from Old School with (Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell, etc).
girl 1: shanna's bad girl party was stoke! you shoulda been there, there were contests & in the last 1, the prize was...ready for this?? a jack rabbit vibrator!!!!!
girl 2: *screams* zOMG!!!!!
by catfight12 January 07, 2009
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