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The underground world of Afghan "boy play". Well-to-do Afghan men recruit 10 year old boys from their poor parents for money. They then teach them to sign and dance, while dressed as women. At Bacha Bazi parties, after the the dancing performance, the highest bidder gets to take the boy home and bugger him for the night. The strange and mystical world of Bacha Bazi was brought to the attention of the West via the PBS Frontline documentary, "The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan".
"Damn that ten year old boy makes me drool. Put a dress on him so I can get my bacha bazi on. I'm in the mood for some buggery!"

"I'd hijack a plane and fly it into a building if I grew up getting buggered by a bacha bazi circle!"

"Alah approves of bacha bazi."
by Duuuune coooooooooooon April 28, 2010
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