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noun describing female reproductive organ (ovary)
I'm gonna hit you in the ovary. Yep, right in the baby maker.

Ron Burgundy
by Robin February 10, 2005
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A female's or male' you know. for making babies.
if you don't shut up right now, I'm going to punch you in the babymaker.


today was a real babymaker day.
by paluzzi December 17, 2005
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A woman's general reproductive area.
"Ron Burgundy: I'm gonna punch you in the ovary, that's what I'm gonna do, A straight shot. Right to the baby maker " - Anchorman
by OANDRESO October 25, 2005
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This is a cocktail... It includes expired yogourt, Pinacalada, vodka and some milk. This is all mixxed and then put into a condom where the person taking the drink stretches the condom out and drinks everything in it. This is part of the shame shot series. See also the Hairy Cocktail
Chris lost a drinking game and had to drink the absoloutely disgusting baby maker.
Chris : - "It taste like rat vomit"
by EdinieDePoPo June 21, 2011
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