The father of your child; the one who was committed to having sex with you, getting you pregnant but wont commit to marriage. He usually a sorry ass motherfucker who loves you and makes you all kind of promises until you get pregnant. A trifling nigga that got you pregnant stuck around for a little while till shit got to hard and then he left his family for bitch with who wants to get pregnant on purpose because none took her seriously for being a hoe and fucking the entire work environment. A man lies about you and tells the world everything was your fault but get mad and want to kill the nigga he see you talking because yall aren't together anymore. The petty motherfucker who puts a front for the world about his kids but in real life he's a sorry ass joke for the way he treats the mother of his children.
Damn my baby daddy is being petty Bc he thinks I'm talking to some nigga.
by TheRealestOfThemALL August 13, 2015
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1.The Payee.
2.One who owes large sums of money.
3.Your punishment for bad sex but good genes.
by BETTY CROCKER June 25, 2006
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Any of a number of men who may have fathered the child of a skeezer.
by Latisha June 04, 2002
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The man you can be, but usually aren't dating, that you want to have your child.
Kyiesha:Ooh that man is fine, I want him to by my baby daddy!
by Gwenny March 10, 2006
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The father of your child
Girl1: Hey girl heeeey! Wanna hang today?
Girl2: Nah, cant. I gotta work out somethin with my baby daddy.
by gayle&ally May 22, 2009
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