Used most commonly by youtube star Natalie Tran on her channel, Community Channel. I is used when taking a compliment that was meant for you to compliment the person back. An end to the oh-so annoying back and forth of fake compliment giving girls usually tend to have.
Girl 1 : " Oh you look so pretty today!" *expecting to receive comment on how she looks pretty too*

Girl 2: " Baby, I know."
by fieldhockeyyox1203 June 02, 2010
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saying, originating from the character 'bender' in 'futurama'. a statement associated with pimps, and gives the speaker a sense of power and self-worth. however, overexcessive use may result in physical pain.
- "it's raining outside"
- "shut up baby, i know it"
- "gaaaaaah!!" (physical violence follows)
by anon55 August 28, 2006
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