A girl you run back to when you runnin' low on the pu-tang
JaJuan: I saw you with Tymeka. Yall back together?

Mark: Nope. She just my baby momma. I don't love her tho.
by Clevalovah July 23, 2008
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When a marine going off to Japan wants to have a child but not the affection or baggage of a "female".
"I have the child now, but she was my baby momma. That bitch!"
by its a grind beezies January 02, 2009
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Nigah woman who has been impregnated by some bum who has no intention of supporting his bastard child. She is usually about twenty years old and has already delivered three or four of these bastards by three or four different unemployed baby daddies. These impregnators are only seen when their steady is on the rag and they need a lay. Baby Momma is paid by the US government on a production scale. The more bastards produced, the bigger the income. She spends all the money on dope and the bastard children do without clothes and food. Granny usually takes up the slack. Baby Daddy usually brags about having ten children by six or eight Baby Mommas.
I have ten baby mommas who have a total of eighteen babies, eleven of them are mine!
by Geedaddy September 12, 2016
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niggah now a baby momma is when u have 2 guls and u get 1 pregnant and you with the other gul niggah
damn dawg i hit my baby momma up last night
by bLaZeD September 28, 2003
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