1.Who to make the check out to.
2.The mother of your children.
3.A source of endless emotional pain and/or headaches
If that check bounces your baby mama is going to kick your ass.

haha your baby mama left your ass and now she's with that guy!! you suck
by BETTY CROCKER June 25, 2006
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an ugly woman who you wouldn't ever want to have or associate with. Usually a bustdown or a one night stand. A facially unnatractive woman who you won't even claims kids is yours.

She's so ugly she is a baby mama. In other words, no man wants her, only for a one night stand because she's poor and ugly and not worth a mcdonald's dinner.
by hointohousewife November 13, 2008
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Short for "Baby's Mother" and considered an offensive term given by a man to describe the woman whom he has a child or children with but isn't married to them.

Other definitions refer to a baby mama as being a young woman who has more than one child by different men, is not financially stable and getting government assistance (Welfare / Child Support etc.) Or are considered gold digging, drama filled women who only became pregnant to try and keep hold of the man whom they were romantically involved.

This is not entirely true, more so a biased compilation of opinions or stereotypes used to further degrade a young woman who conceived a child or children out of wedlock.

Not all unwed women with children conceived just to hold the man around nor are all "baby mama's" on welfare or receiving child support benefits or are gold diggers.

Taking on solely the full responsibility of raising a child especially in today's society without the steady help of the father takes a strong willed and mature woman and deserves recognition instead of devaluing of her worth just because she did not become the man's wife.
"There goes DeWayne's baby mama."
"No we're not together anymore, she's just my baby mama."
by Jaiha December 24, 2014
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like herpes, it wont go away!!!!!!!!
Man, i just gave my baby mama $300 dollars, and she's still buggin me!
by drunk rider March 22, 2004
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A movie about single businesswoman who wants to have a baby, but is infertile.
Gangsta Son) Yo Momma! Can I see that movie called Baby Mama?

Momma) That movie is a piece a shit! Go fuck yoself, Son!
by Guy1234512345 May 01, 2008
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Someone who had a child from a guy they are not with anymore or has no attachments. She will eventually put him on child support when the relationship no longer exists. She will get her hair and nails done ever Wednesday once that money hit on that flowery black card. Then she will use the child as a weapon agaisnt the father because of his new relationship. She will find excuses to why she's having these bitter, selfish ways.
Child Father: "Can I see my child today"?
Babymama: "No! You can see child support front office window for this months payment"
Child Father: "Miserable babymamas!"
BabyDaddy: "Yes, miserable getting cute with my child childsupport money!"
by KingOfQueens1 December 21, 2016
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