a woman that is the mother of a man's child/ren and is not married to the man; woman who has kids from different men
Ty'rone's babymama was complaining about why Ty'rone didn't have her childsupport money for their 10 kids
by sc_melly August 19, 2006
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A young single mother who does not work, and only wakes up to get dressed up in her hoochie gear and acrylic shoes, just so she can push her baby around all day in it's stroller. She does this so she can find a new baby daddy.
"Did you see that baby mama in town? Probably just trying to find a new baby daddy."
by Me Ahna July 06, 2005
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Someone who had a child from a guy they are not with anymore or has no attachments. She will eventually put him on child support when the relationship no longer exists. She will get her hair and nails done ever Wednesday once that money hit on that flowery black card. Then she will use the child as a weapon agaisnt the father because of his new relationship. She will find excuses to why she's having these bitter, selfish ways.
Child Father: "Can I see my child today"?
Babymama: "No! You can see child support front office window for this months payment"
Child Father: "Miserable babymamas!"
BabyDaddy: "Yes, miserable getting cute with my child childsupport money!"
by KingOfQueens1 December 22, 2016
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a woman who has had a baby by a man. Typically the father of whom her child with shows her more respect then the girlfriend because they created a child together so there was love at one point in time. Baby mamas are generally characterized as lazy vindictive women who use there child(ren) as leverage over the father when many times this is not true. Many women who have children outside wedlock have to do everything on there own because the fathers are not present in the child(ren)'s lives. These women who do this deserve acknowledgment and recognition because anyone who has children knows that raising them to be productive members of society (especially by themselves) is definately not an easy endeavour.
Friend: Damn bull i seen ur baby mama wit her new man, that nigga drive a lac.
Father: Fa real?
Friend: Yea that nigga was holdin your lil girl and everything.
Father: Im bout to call her right now.
Baby mama: Hello?
Father: What you doing letting that nigga hold my daughter?
Baby mama: When the last time you held her David? I'm tired of doing this shit on my own. Im just your baby mama. You dont have any right to question me like this. Goodbye David. *click*
by Yemaya December 12, 2007
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1.Who to make the check out to.
2.The mother of your children.
3.A source of endless emotional pain and/or headaches
If that check bounces your baby mama is going to kick your ass.

haha your baby mama left your ass and now she's with that guy!! you suck
by BETTY CROCKER June 25, 2006
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an ugly woman who you wouldn't ever want to have or associate with. Usually a bustdown or a one night stand. A facially unnatractive woman who you won't even claims kids is yours.

She's so ugly she is a baby mama. In other words, no man wants her, only for a one night stand because she's poor and ugly and not worth a mcdonald's dinner.
by hointohousewife November 13, 2008
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