1.Who to make the check out to.
2.The mother of your children.
3.A source of endless emotional pain and/or headaches
If that check bounces your baby mama is going to kick your ass.

haha your baby mama left your ass and now she's with that guy!! you suck
by BETTY CROCKER June 25, 2006
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Is an unwed woman who sleeps with a man and gets pregnant.
" Im not married to Darnell, but he got me pregnant. I cant stand him, so now i am just his baby mama."

Mike: "Who the hell was that? She got a phat ass! Is that yo girl?"

John: "Naw, bro. Thats just my baby mama".

by Mz_Selena February 29, 2008
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Basically a woman you had a child or children with who you didnt marry and or no longer involved with.Usually associated with hoodrats and trailer park bitches.
I didnt marry my baby mama because she was a bitch.
by Queen July 13, 2003
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1)the mother of your seed
2)can be an ex-girlfriend or current girlfriend,1 night stand,fling or just a hoe
3)most of the time looked at as being a gold digger, a bitch, just got pregnant to keep the man around, and full of drama
-thats my girl, my baby mama
-that isnt my girl, she was, shes just my baby mama now
-that stupid bitch just wants my money, dumb ass baby mama
by Mihz JR Divine! February 06, 2008
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A woman who is the mother of another man's baby, who she typically isn't married to.
OR bearing a child for another woman who can't concieve.
man: you waitin for yo baby mama?

barren woman: she's not my baby mama

man: you pay the bills, She has the baby.

that's called a baby mama--you ask any black man in philadelphia.
by valentine D. June 21, 2009
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The mother of an illegitimate child, often used by the father to degrade the woman.
Common: "I walked to the crib, got two kids and my baby mama late."

Kanye: "UH oh, UH oh!"
by hefdaddy August 15, 2011
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