A mysterious group of podcast listeners sworn to secrecy about the gang. It just appeared out of thin air in June 2021.
by Pinkspeedo123 June 13, 2021
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There is a conservative podcaster named Matt Walsh whose show revolves around pop culture and everything going on. There was this old female celebrity who made a few comments about women going out unkempt, and in her infamous video she referred to her audience as "sweet babies", which obviously, Matt Walsh discussed on his show, then he said he should call his fans "Sweet babies" to get his point across (obviously a joke), bu this loyal fans call themselves the Sweet Baby Gang now, and are carrying the joke very far. The other definition of this term doesn't give much insight, but since I'm reppin' SBG, I can speak about it.
"Ay bruh, you heard Matt Walsh is running the Sweet Baby Gang"
by yung_jayy56 (ig) June 17, 2021
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A group of gay babies that play video games and use offensive language on YouTube
Person : “is raccooneggs part of gay baby gang ?”
Someone else : “ dude, totally “
by OutOfIdeas January 17, 2019
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A girl who is down to fuck with the whole team or get dipped by each one
Damn shanty wanna fuck with the whole team she a gang baby
by Marley mann August 21, 2015
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A group of individuals that Like to catch body’s for fun
Aka ( 🅱️🅱️G ) “ them Baby Benji gang niggas just slid
by Tyler the goat August 03, 2019
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The name of the Misfits fan base.
Created when swaggersouls said that their entire fan base consisted of gay babies while stoned

Swaggersouls: Our entire fan base consist of gay babies!
Fits: No, my fanbase are not gay babies their like gay preschoolers, yours are gay babies
Fitz: Do you know what people call our fanbase?
Toby on the Tele: No...
Fitz: the gay baby gang...
Toby: ...
by Faramalla November 02, 2018
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